Sailing on Words


Sailing on Words

A Lamp and a Gargoyle

A Lamp and a Gargoyle

by Pierre Sotér​​

A Lamp and a Gargoyle and other sonnets is the fifth book in a series of poetry by Pierre Sotér, which CARRACK Books is publishing regularly.

A Lamp and a Gargoyle explores the mystique side of life and wanders through the labyrinth of man’s spirituality, with incursions into psychological and philosophical explorations that attempt to touch the reader’s mind and soul.

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What is it my mind knows that I don’t know?
What is it my soul’s trying to teach me?
What are the secrecies of what I see,
have often seen before and think I know?
How much am I a product of my will?
How much is in the randomness of numbers
or in the deeds of ghosts and all their members,
which have never showed up but exist still?
Why am I not just enjoying the Sun?
Why spread I all these clouds over my head?
Why don’t I change the words and ride instead
through the unconquered kingdoms of my brain?

I’d like to have some sort of confirmation
that life’s not the result of mad creation!

When caution spoils naïve illusions,
reality becomes too crude;
I hide amongst doubts and exclusions;
the ghost of me finds where I stood.
But I don’t know where I have been
nor these short steps come from far back;
I’d trade illusions for a dream
where I could rest and nothing lack.
One fine day we agreed to swap
our roles in the universe;
illusions then fell from the top
– my ghost found life is too adverse.

Right now we are flying together:
he is the wing; I am the feather.


Pierre Sotér

Pierre Sotér’s favourite form of poetry is the sonnet. In this book series, selected sonnets are published regularly in thematic books, ranging from our emotional inner world to philosophical reflections and satire.

Pierre Sotér is a civil engineer (Ph.D.) who was born in Lisbon and lived in Copenhagen for a large part of his professional life. A lover of poetry from an early age, he is now wholly dedicated to his former passion. Pierre Sotér writes in Portuguese and English.

Together with Viktor Tegner, Pierre Sotér founded CARRACK books, an imprint of TEGNER Publishing Lda., with the primary objective of publishing poetry and art books.