Sailing on Words


Sailing on Words

A and B

A and B

by Pierre Sotér​​

A and B and other sonnets is the fourth book in a series of poetry by Pierre Sotér, which CARRACK Books is publishing regularly.

A and B is a rather unconventional poetry book: it addresses the world of numbers as an instrument of communication as well as their interaction with words. The cover poem was inspired by a suggestive programming exercise.

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To believers, there is no need to see;
to doubters, seeing is never enough;
there must be other ways – more sound, less rough –
on which we might be able to agree.
Those doubting their beliefs have it more tough,
for sometimes they will see what they don’t want,
and while they check around, their back, their front,
what they saw may have all changed, be gone: puff!
And those who do not doubt nor know the font
risk to lose the sense of reality,
might often misinterpret what they see,
even believe to know something they don’t.

Thus, I always try to observe my doubting
when it’s not against believing my counting.

Causeless, boundless, are the laws life discovers
while recombining all the elements,
their timeless dimensions and filaments
that connect, indifferently, foes and lovers.
The universal essences are here;
we feel their amazing manifestations
and with symbols and logic ruminations
reach far beyond what our minds can steer.
Imagine an i squared is minus one,
take Euler’s number and the ancient π,
and the most exquisite law ever known,
to our astonishment, will apply:

e + 1 = 0.
If this much you understand, you’re a hero!


Pierre Sotér

Pierre Sotér’s favourite form of poetry is the sonnet. In this book series, selected sonnets are published regularly in thematic books, ranging from our emotional inner world to philosophical reflections and satire.

Pierre Sotér is a civil engineer (Ph.D.) who was born in Lisbon and lived in Copenhagen for a large part of his professional life. A lover of poetry from an early age, he is now wholly dedicated to his former passion. Pierre Sotér writes in Portuguese and English.

Together with Viktor Tegner, Pierre Sotér founded CARRACK books, an imprint of TEGNER Publishing Lda., with the primary objective of publishing poetry and art books.