Sailing on Words


Sailing on Words

Destroyer of Days

Destroyer of Days

by Pierre Sotér​​

Destroyer of Days and other sonnets is the third book in a series of poetry by Pierre Sotér, which Carrack Books is publishing regularly.

Time is spread all over the lines of this book, not only at the level at which we experience its passage through our daily lives but also in relation to time’s links to our existential concerns, through digressions of a philosophical nature.

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The measures that light takes of every dent
are stamped on eyes awake, colourfully;
combined with playing tones and spreading scent
create a strangely strange reality.
The measures that reveal our souls’ shapes
are scaled to an ocean’s perimeter,
to the will of winds and the taste of grapes,
which have no bounds and not a delimiter.
The measures indicating unknown ways
where variations are so much alike,
are like the rousing return of the days
that follow a time’s pause after a spike.

And the ethereal nature of life’s measures
is by feelings measured, by pains and pleasures.

Not a single flower can bloom one day
nor will the day release the shortest hour;
the stars shall lose their tracks and not obey
galactic rules, and nights will be too sour.
No pair of wings might dare to fly one day
while every form of life will turn to caves
and to the sea’s depths. Everyone will pray;
the dead won’t rest until they leave their graves.
The ash tree’s arms shall shake strongly one day
while fountains dry and tidal streams are blocked;
the guardian serpent will not bite its tail;
the date nobody knows: it’s Ragnarök.

But there is still the possibility
that such a day is past – mythology.


Pierre Sotér

Pierre Sotér’s favourite form of poetry is the sonnet. In this book series, selected sonnets are published regularly in thematic books, ranging from our emotional inner world to philosophical reflections and satire.

Pierre Sotér is a civil engineer (Ph.D.) who was born in Lisbon and lived in Copenhagen for a large part of his professional life. A lover of poetry from an early age, he is now wholly dedicated to his former passion. Pierre Sotér writes in Portuguese and English.

Together with Viktor Tegner, Pierre Sotér founded CARRACK books, an imprint of TEGNER Publishing Lda., with the primary objective of publishing poetry and art books.