Sailing on Words


Sailing on Words

Dripping Fronds

Dripping Fronds

by Pierre Sotér​​

Dripping Fronds and other sonnets is the second book in a series of poetry by Pierre Sotér, which Carrack Books is publishing regularly.

Dripping Fronds has been written under the emotions raised by concerns about the way humanity is treating its surrounding environment: our precious planet. It is a book about nature and living creatures; it is a book where Pierre Sotér wonders about our common future.

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In that part of the day that briefly follows night
before the turning finds the steady lying line,
from where the biggest star will mount and spread its light,
I turn my inside out and start to lift my spine.
For that part where the day does break there are no words,
and the mystique of primal mist floats through the air;
the pace, it feels divine; the sounds are from the birds
while I open my arms, to life my dreams declare.
For each day is a chance to take another breath,
to follow the gentle swaying of nature’s being,
its rhythms, rises and falls, the aim of birth and death,
the game that we must play but with the rules of living.

And should I miss one day the magic of the Dawn,
in dusk I would tread long before the Sun had gone.

Oceans speak – we do not listen;
heavens shout and we keep talking;
waters fall, and run, and glisten;
and large clouds enjoy sky walking.
Now it’s darkening; now it’s shining;
all spheres keep travelling wide;
while somewhere someone is dancing,
not so far some cry outside.
Skies are low and forests burn;
ashes drop from our pockets;
in this vessel critics churn
words of love and fire rockets.

Nature whispers – no one cares!
We will fall in our snares.


Pierre Sotér

Pierre Sotér’s favourite form of poetry is the sonnet. In this book series, selected sonnets are published regularly in thematic books, ranging from our emotional inner world to philosophical reflections and satire.

Pierre Sotér is a civil engineer (Ph.D.) who was born in Lisbon and lived in Copenhagen for a large part of his professional life. A lover of poetry from an early age, he is now wholly dedicated to his former passion. Pierre Sotér writes in Portuguese and English.

Together with Viktor Tegner, Pierre Sotér founded CARRACK books, an imprint of TEGNER Publishing Lda., with the primary objective of publishing poetry and art books.