Sailing on Words


Sailing on Words

Sailing on Words

Sailing on Words

by Pierre Sotér​​

Sailing on Words and other sonnets is the first book in a series of poetry by Pierre Sotér, which Carrack Books is publishing regularly.

Sailing on Words takes the reader into a state of contemplation of our inner and outer worlds. In this written trip, the author also explores our spiritual connection to the divine and to the environment we live in.

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Above a million stars above my head,
below the pile of stones below my feet,
there are a million ends of the same thread,
rise the calls of esses wanting to meet.
Inside a million beats inside my chest,
outside the shining blue outside this ship,
there are a million grails for the same quest,
there is a sea of words – a writing trip.
Along a million waves towards the Moon
and winds filling white sails that fly as birds,
across a million dreams, a single tune,
this ship goes everywhere – sailing on words.

Above a million stars above my head,
there is something . . . above what can be said.

The tracks of life are long and winding
– brief the encounters of love and sin –
and bitter-dry the taste of finding
that some will lose and none will win.
Because laws have many exceptions
but deep emotions no laws at all,
it seems to me that with no passions
there will be laws and love will fall.
When far and wide we cannot go
– not after love nor sin nor gold –
for we are old, too young to know,
we may unearth treasures untold.

The tracks of life are long and winding:
only exceptions are straight and binding.


Pierre Sotér

Pierre Sotér’s favourite form of poetry is the sonnet. In this book series, selected sonnets are published regularly in thematic books, ranging from our emotional inner world to philosophical reflections and satire.

Pierre Sotér is a civil engineer (Ph.D.) who was born in Lisbon and lived in Copenhagen for a large part of his professional life. A lover of poetry from an early age, he is now wholly dedicated to his former passion. Pierre Sotér writes in Portuguese and English.

Together with Viktor Tegner, Pierre Sotér founded CARRACK books, an imprint of TEGNER Publishing Lda., with the primary objective of publishing poetry and art books.