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Sailing on Words

It May Be Better – Poems & Thoughts

It May Be Better - Poems & Thoughts

by Pierre Sotér​​

IT MAY BE BETTER is the third book of the trilogy Poems & Thoughts by Pierre Sotér, which was first released in May 2018 by Adelaide Books. The book has been extensively revised by the author and is now published by CARRACK Books in a carefully crafted colour edition. It includes 77 poems, which are illustrated by 22 images coming from the lenses of Viktor Tegner.

Pierre Sotér writes in the foreword: “. . . This book has been written in the context of realities that I have tried to understand but to which no one may ever find final answers and first causes. The feelings I experienced while I wrote, as with most of our feelings, were certainly determined by a too complex set of circumstances and factors that I tried to register in compact words, through poetry. I could not do it otherwise. And if I will go through it again, the result may not be the same. Life may not have causes as clear as we want to believe.”

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  What thoughts has thinking hard put in my brain
  that show a different world than my eyes see,
  before, things easier were, clear and plain,
  but now are always less than used to be.
  What did I learn from all that reason claims?
  A lot indeed, it cannot be denied,
  but reason wanted, too, to have no frames,
  and started reasoning things not verified.
  What knowledge has been left inside my heart
  that neither thoughts nor reason understand?
  How can it know so well to beat, how hard,
  why all my feelings does it still command?

  To know beyond what can be known does fetter,
  to know less, but wisely, it may be better.

  cover poem

  The tracks of life are long and winding,
  brief the encounters of love and sin,
  and bitter-dry the taste of finding
  that some will lose and none will win.
  Because false laws have no exceptions
  and deep emotions no laws at all,
  it seems to me that with no passions
  there will be laws and love will fall.
  When far and wide we cannot go,
  not after love nor sin nor gold,
  for we are old, too young to know,
  we may unearth treasures untold.

  The tracks of life are long and winding,
  only exceptions are straight and binding.

  from page 11

  Beneath the barren crags there was white sand
  and in the hinterland mountains and valleys
  with apple trees, sweet cherry trees, and grand
  red-roofed towns, and towers with tolling bells.

  In the vaulted sky there was a carrying Sun
  and starry nights, an ever flirting Moon,
  and many creatures using wings for fun,
  a white snow bride, a very happy groom.

  And there were beasts with horns and dappled skins,
  waterfalls, watermills in busy creeks,
  and men that would trade-off anyone’s sins,
  and knights, jokers, green sprites and a few freaks.

  And rain would fall, and leaves would fall, and snow,
  while hearthstone fires crept with forest flares,
  and after gloom, flowers would bloom and throw
  colours, scents everywhere, and bees and bears.

  But that warm-hearted land has lost its sheen,
  and where there was life, now, there are machines,
  spirits in half, lost in a tedious scene
  of virtual talking grounds, many false greens.

  Beneath the barren crags there’s no more sand
  and breaking waves are seen in all directions,
  and lashing whips in nature’s angry hand
  will impose solutions, will not take questions.

  from page 112

Poems & Thoughts: A Trilogy

Pierre Sotér

The first books by Pierre Sotér constitute a trilogy. Each book includes 77 poems and is illustrated with 22 pictures by Viktor Tegner.

BRAID, a special edition with poems selected by Anna Tegner, is now available.

Pierre Sotér is a civil engineer (Ph.D.) who was born in Lisbon and lived in Copenhagen for a large part of his professional life. A lover of poetry from an early age, he is now wholly dedicated to his former passion. Pierre Sotér writes in Portuguese and English.

Together with Viktor Tegner, Pierre Sotér founded CARRACK books, an imprint of TEGNER Publishing Lda., with the primary objective of publishing poetry and art books.