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Sailing on Words

Emotions & Emoções – Poems & Thoughts

Emotions & Emoções - Poems & Thoughts

by Pierre Sotér​

EMOTIONS & EMOÇÕES is the second book of the trilogy Poems & Thoughts by Pierre Sotér, which was first released in October 2017 by Adelaide Books. The book has been extensively revised by the author and is now published by CARRACK Books in a carefully crafted colour edition. It includes 77 poems, which are illustrated by 22 images coming from the lenses of Viktor Tegner.

“With reason, we can see more than we can sense. With emotions, we can go beyond what we can reason”. This is the motto which Pierre Sotér proposes for the book. That is true “if we take the time to listen to our deep states of mind and to our raw instincts, and then, if we have the courage to follow them and bring our souls with us wherever we go, whenever we come back, we will at least touch the threshold where some sense of those mysteries can be made.”

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  If only my eyes they could talk
  and if my sole heart it could speak,
  maybe side by side we would walk
  along and across what we seek.
  If with burning stars I could chat
  and these dreams of mine were not weak,
  my whole life for love I would bet,
  my soul to this life it would stick.
  And when faraway all restarts,
  again one fine day we will meet
  with deep sweet old feelings, new arts,
  and no need to talk nor to speak.

  Space is not short for the motions,
  but life is lived with emotions.

  cover poem

  Nesta imensidão de mar e areia branca
  em que os meus passos se perdem na sequência
  das vagas, abre-se a mente à essência
  do turbilhão que à água espuma arranca.
  Quando na salgada brisa se atravessam
  asas abertas, quais velas enfunadas
  por vendavais de luz em águas encantadas,
  há vidas mais reais, há cristais que dançam.
  Além, no horizonte, renasce a esperança
  de aqui reaparecerem sonhos antigos,
  as coisas verdadeiras, irmãos, amigos,
  os mundos coloridos duma criança.

  Olho e absorvo as ondas que rebentam
  como memórias que as minhas mãos apertam.

  página 10

  The night is now asleep.

  The day is dawning.
  The Sun is still absent,
  I feel connected to the stillness of the hidden sky.
  The mist is storming,
  giving light and shapes no consent,
  mixing all directions,
  erasing imperfections,
  and wishes, and thoughts, and actions.

  It’s still early.
  I wait the coming day.
  And I feel connected to the silent floating sky.
  Winds start slowly blowing,
  telling clouds where to go and play,
  where the rains shall sprawl,
  and the Sun will call
  winters, springs and summers, and fall.

  It’s early morning.
  The mist has gone away.
  And I feel connected to a Spring warming sky.
  To the joyful greening
  and William’s darling buds of May,
  which here are red,
  outside and in my head,
  they are red of life, happy and sad.

  from page 16

  Os meus sonhos partiram,
  já aqui não estou,
  sem mentir, mentem os que me viram,
  sem saber, julgam o que não sou.
  Não sei se voltarei, mas se voltar
  que não seja por precisar,
  porque assim não voltarei.
  Talvez seja para recordar
  o que aqui vivi e achei
  e nunca longe encontrei,
  e ver como agora passam
  as àguas que corriam,
  as matas que dormiam,
  as aves que bebiam o azul do mar.

  Certanamente, não voltarei para ver
  os que ainda mentem
  nem tão pouco para contar
  o que vi aos que não sentem.
  E aqueles por quem poderia voltar
  talvez já cá não estejam,
  talvez tenham partido todos,
  uns para sempre,
  outros para fugir dos lodos.
  É estranha a vida,
  confusa a complexa mente.
  E entre tanta dor e cor ausente
  às vezes uma outra vida
  talvez seja mais decente.

  página 126

Poems & Thoughts: A Trilogy

Pierre Sotér

The first books by Pierre Sotér constitute a trilogy. Each book includes 77 poems and is illustrated with 22 pictures by Viktor Tegner.

BRAID, a special edition with poems selected by Anna Tegner, is now available.

Pierre Sotér is a civil engineer (Ph.D.) who was born in Lisbon and lived in Copenhagen for a large part of his professional life. A lover of poetry from an early age, he is now wholly dedicated to his former passion. Pierre Sotér writes in Portuguese and English.

Together with Viktor Tegner, Pierre Sotér founded CARRACK books, an imprint of TEGNER Publishing Lda., with the primary objective of publishing poetry and art books.